Dynamics appear differently in score and parts

I have a score that uses a mixture of different types of gradual dynamics (sometimes cresc./dim., sometimes hairpins). In general I prefer to use cresc./dim. for quite large-scale gradual changes, over a number of bars, and hairpins when a change is just over a few notes.

In the score this is all appearing correctly, in both write and engrave modes. However, in the parts these gradual dynamics are all appearing as hairpins. Surely I don’t have to go through all of the parts, and re-set the individual properties for every gradual dynamic that I want to be text rather than hairpin? Is there a reason why the parts are different from the score?


I’m afraid that at the moment these properties do apply only to the layout in which you set them. This has been discussed at length here and we do have plans to reduce the amount of busy-work required to change the properties so that everything is consistent between the score and the part layouts. For the time being you will indeed have to change the properties in each layout. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks for the reply. I assumed I was just doing something wrong! Luckily I’m only working with 7 parts at the moment, so it shouldn’t be too much hassle. Wouldn’t fancy going through all the parts in a large orchestral score to alter every other dynamic.

Is it only dynamics/expressions that don’t currently make it through to the parts? If I change other properties (such as the end position of a tie) that seems to be fine in both score and parts.

Matt, there are other properties, which do not get synced between score and parts. I noticed for example cautionary accidentals that one put in by hand. Probably it is all things one has changed via the property panel. Colour, position, size (scaled objects) etc. This gives you a great flexibility though to have things appear differently between score and parts.

It would be good if there was a preference list somewhere with options for a list of things to:

a. stay in sync between score and parts always no matter where the change (for example, I would like this for cresc. and accidentals).
b. sync initially, but unsync if say a part is changed after it has been set in the score.

There has to be a global way to deal with some of these.

Not done yet, is it? Working on parts I have to realise changing things does not affect the same items in the score…

You can use Propagate Properties, which was added in Dorico 2.1, to help this along. Read about it in the Dorico 2 Version History PDF.

Just stumbled upon this issue. Indeed it is annoying to have differences in placement properties between score and parts!

yes, and for that reason the Propagate Properties is the way to go here :slight_smile: