dynamics appear outside of bottom margin

I have set up the margins for my parts, my printer requires these margins.
In my parts, the music is within the margins, but the dynamics, including crescendos and decrescendos, appear below the bottom margin. (About have of the dynamic or crescendo is below the bottom margin.)
Is there a way to keep everything within the margin automatically? I don’t want to change the margins globally because then some of the staves will look like they are too high if they don’t have a dynamic on them. Thanks!

In engrave mode you can edit the individual parts by raising the bottom margin of the music frame, if necessary. This means your parts could look a little different however. It sounds like you need to increase the top and bottom padding of the music frames (and by that I mean padding within the frames, not the frames relative to the page) and that setting can be changed in the layout settings. There are separate settings for the margins and the padding of the frame. If your dynamics are generating outside the frame, that means you’re not leaving enough space within the bottom of the frame to prevent it from happening.