Dynamics are opposite in Full Score and Parts


My crescendo markings are diffrent in the Full Score and the Parts…
If I write cress. in the Full Score then it shows as hairpins in the parts, if I then go to the diffrent Parts and change it to cress. then it jumps to hairpins in the Full Score… They are always opposite
How do I change that?


Hi Christina, the appearance of gradual dynamics is a local property, meaning it can be different in each layout. When you change the property, make sure the scope is set to Globally (in the top right of the Properties panel) before you do so. That will update it in all layouts.

Or, if you want all gradual dynamics throughout the project to appear as hairpins always, change the default option in Engrave > Engraving Options > Dynamics.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I can’t find the anything that says globally or local?
We agree that the properties panel is the one popping up from the bottom of the screen right?

What version of Dorico do you have? The ability to set the property scope was introduced in 3.5 (and yes the Properties panel is the bottom one in Write/Engrave mode)

If you have an earlier version, you can use propagate properties to get items aligned property-wise between different layouts.

If you’re still experiencing an issue in a particular project, feel free to upload it here to the forum (setting the Silence playback template first will reduce the file size).

I think I might be able to make it work now. Thanks!

I have Dorico 3.0, what does it cost to upgrade to 3.5?

Go to this page and click “Buy Dorico 3.5”, then select the “Updates and Upgrades” option (note that there are various combinations of Pro vs Elements etc) - the price will be displayed on the right.

Thank you for the help!
Have a nice day

No problem at all! Likewise :slight_smile: