Dynamics before barline disappear at change of instrument

Hi, Could anyone suggest a clever way to prevent dynamics from disappearing at a change of instrument? I think I am going to insert a 32th at the very last position to move the dynamics earlier, but wondering if there is a better way to solve this.

Galley view:

Page view, “p” is missing.


I guess, if you select the p, you can see that the p is attached to the first beat of the next bar. Just move it back to the previous bar. (edited) Select “p” shift + OPTION + left arrow


I think @Nukkul means shift+alt(option)+left arrow

wooops yes =)

Thanks to you both. I know it’s a clever way to avoid this, but I just had another place where I need a “damp” text appear in the second bar which has no notes in. Is there any way to keep the empty bar without letting Dorico change the instrument?

I would need a cut-down of you Dorico file to test the possibilities in you context. Can you upload it with the exact explanation of what you need?

You might check out the barline interaction property…

Yes, I have it and it didn’t work. I actually wanted to ask about this situation:

In this case I really want dorico to leave the bar with the damp symbol, but it doesn’t, and just simply omit the dynamics and playing techniques

I think you need ‘something’ to delay the instrument change - perhaps a tiny chord region?

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I made a little dorico file with the suggestion by @Janus and it works :smiley:
damper vs instrumet change.dorico (454.7 KB)

That’s good to know - it was just a thought experiment!

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