dynamics bug or something

I have this violin part with some dynamics and they’re all fine.
When I add dynamics to the cello staff (which is the next staff) the dynamics in the violin part get lowered for each dynamic I enter, and keeps on doing this even when I press undo.
This is all in Write mode. When I change to Engrave it is fine, but back in Write it isn’t. Doesn’t seem like proper behaviour.

Here’s the process in screenshots:

We see this kind of behaviour from time to time in galley view. It is indeed a bug. It would be helpful to have the project file in which this problem occurs.

I’m having something similar happen. I’m very new to Dorico, so perhaps I’m doing something incorrectly that is very simple. The second screen shot shows what happens to this score when I just add a forte mark. All the staff spacing on the whole page changes. What can I do to solve this?

Welcome to the forum, pwoody6. It looks to me like you have set some of the options on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options to be too large, which is forcing Dorico’s hand somewhat. In general you should specify the smallest value you can get away with for all of the options on that page, and rely on Dorico to do the right thing with the justification settings. My guess is that you’ve got the ideal gap between systems set to too large a value.

I have a similar problem that happens only in Galley view when I hit alt up or down in the vln 2 or cello part. Some of the dynamics change positions and keep lowering when I press undo. The only way to reset them is to delete one of the markings and input them again. All the dynamics reset when I do this.
(The file is too large to attach here, thus I send it via Dropbox link)

We have fixed some problems in this area recently, so I am hopeful that once the next version of Dorico is released, this problem won’t trouble you any further (unfortunately, however, the next version is not coming any time soon). In the meantime, you should find that when you reopen the project, the dynamics are in a sensible position, and they will print there too, though if you make further edits in that area you may well see the dynamics move in an unexpected way.