Dynamics colliding with staff lines

I can’t find a way to keep dynamics from colliding with staff lines. In the example, you can see my settings for vertical positioning of dynamics and this shouldn’t be happening. Or have I changed something else which affects this?

I’m not in front of Dorico now, but I seem to remember that this value is actually the minimum distance between the staff and the baseline (not the bounding box) of dynamics – so, given the large ascender of the forte, it’s probably still too small in your case. The picture in Engraving Options is a bit misleading.

The default settings are 3 spaces below for symbols, 2.5 for hairpins.
2.5 above for symbols, 3 for hairpins.

Apparently, they align best with hairpins off by half a space from the symbols in this way.

Thanks, Ben! Apparently I’d experimented with this some time ago and saved the settings as defaults in v. 1. These got taken over by v. 2 and apparently there’s no way to return these particular settings to the ‘factory defaults’.

You can return the settings to the factory defaults: in the Engraving Options dialog, hold the Alt key (Ctrl on Windows, I think) and you’ll see that the ‘Save as Default’ button changes to ‘Remove Saved Defaults’: click that and your defaults will be removed.

Ah, thank you, Daniel.