Dynamics disappear when combining into kit

When combining existing unpitched percussion instruments into a kit all added dynamics disappears. But if I remove the instrument from the kit the dynamics are still there.
This seems a bit odd…

Since kit instruments are individual instruments “condensed” into a five-line staff (if you ask for it that way), dynamics on individual parts will not appear on the combined part; but you can add dynamics (again) for the combined kit part.

In one sense this is as it should be, since you might want the hi-hat to get louder while the bass drum stays the same volume and the snare gets softer.

Oki, sounds logical!
I’m mostly using the kits for orchestral percussion, where I put every single unpitched instrument in its own kit to be able to present the whole percussion part on a 5-line staff and get the right instrument change notification. Sometimes I forget to put the instrument in a kit before I add the dynamics and gets a bit frustrated over having to redo the dynamics.

Dear fellow Doricians,
Am I wrong in thinking you can display your kit as one line per instrument in a separate layout ? That way you can very easily and precisely control the individual dynamics in that layout, without un-making any kit…

Yes, you can display a percussion kit as either a five-line staff, multi-line grid, or a number of individual single-line staves in any layout.