Dynamics Disappearing after Condensing

Hello All,

I’ve once again run into a challenge with my condensing score. This time, my Soprano line will not show dynamics in 2 bars (the f<ff in bar 41, and mf at 43) even though they’re written into the uncondensed score and the individual part. These are the only bars in the score that behave this way. I’ve attached a screenshot and my current project file. Please let me know if I’m missing anything! Otherwise I will have to take a screenshot of the dynamic and add it in as an image frame.

So Far Away Choir Score.dorico (2.5 MB)

Thank you!

Not the direct solution, but the easier workaround would be to create a custom playing technique or a text object that looks like a dynamic, and add it at that spot. Then hide the true dynamic.

EDIT: I overlooked the part about needing the hairpin. That’s a bit more difficult to get exactly right.

Have you tried setting the rhythmic grid to a very small value and nudging the dynamics to the left or right using Cmd-Alt-arrow? That might override the behavior.

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The divisi in the last bar of the page is wreaking havoc. I’m not entirely sure why.
Move it along to the right and it seems to fix the dynamics, though:

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