Dynamics don't overwrite when pasting


When you paste notes and dynamics to a place where there are already notes and dynamics, the notes get replaced but the dynamics do not. Dynamics get added (you get for example 2 mf symbols underneath each other).

And while symbols like f/mf/p are printed underneath each other – you see that something’s wrong and can delete one of them --, crescendi are being treated differently: They end up on the very same place in the score (you can’t even see that there are two of them), but they are being placed underneath each other in the parts.

It’s even more of a mess if the dynamics are grouped and linked: when you try to clean up the result by deleting the duplicated symbols, the whole linked stack gets deleted. I have to unlink the stack first…

Please make dynamics replace other dynamics when I paste stuff.

Thanks, E.

This must have a relationship with a subject discussed one or two days ago, about insert mode. Unless you have entered the dynamics linked to a voice (pressing alt enter after entering a dynamic with a voice selected), the dynamics will belong to the staff…
I agree that some improvement in order to select aftermath which voice should be linked to which dynamic, in the properties panel.

Hi, Marc!

You are right, those things could very well be related.
None of my dynamics is attached to a specific voice, since there is only a single voice in all of my staves.

Nevertheless, even if the dynamics are attached to the staff, there’s no sense in adding more and more of those dynamics underneath each other.

Yes, we know that this is not ideal: basically we need to refine what Dorico does when there are items with a duration and items without a duration both in the copied material and in the destination range.