Dynamics for Five-Line Percussion Kit Staffs

I’m having an issue with mixed dynamics in the five line staff presentation for my percussion kits. The written dynamics seem to affect any instrument that is currently sounding in the five line staff, even though the dynamics are attached to the notes of different instruments. For example, a cymbal roll that ends with a mf crash lv is initially sustained but reduces to mp and then cuts off as soon as the next instrument, a tam-tam, enters at mp.

Do the five line staff dynamics inevitably affect all sounding instruments on the five line staff? Is it expected that the introduction of a note on a different instrument would cut off the sustain of a previously sounding instrument? The fact that voice independent playback is not possible for percussion kits implies this might be the case. Or could I fix it by changing the kit to individual instruments, entering the dynamics for them and then collapsing again into five line staff? The manual states that the dynamics entered for individual instruments wouldn’t show in the five line presentation but would they still have effect? Or is this something that could be fixed in the percussion editor section of the key editor? The discussion of the percussion editor in the manual identifies the UI components of the editor screen but doesn’t say what is actually editable, unless I’m missing something.

Technically (or at least previously) dynamics added to a kid format have little or no effect on the playback. To add significant dynamics, express the kit (at least temporarily) as one-line instruments and add dynamics to whichever notes you want in that format.

When one returns to the five-line kit format, none of these will appear, but they will affect playback.

Thanks for the quick reply @Derrek . The dynamics I currently have entered in the five-line staves are definitely affecting playback, so maybe that was fixed in a previous release. I’ll try the one-line then back to five-line fix for the areas where a player is playing multiple instruments in succession. Hopefully the dynamics I have already entered in the five-line staff will be preserved after that change.