Dynamics for grand staff (piano)

Hello guys :slight_smile:

I am sure this is posted somewhere , I searched but I couldn’t find info anywhere .

Is it possible to have different dynamics on the left and one on the right hand of the Piano grand staff in Dorico ?


Yes it is. Simply select notes on the left hand staff or invoke the caret in that lower staff, invoke Dynamics popover and enter the dynamics that you want to see under the lower staff.
Hope it helps.
Wait — are you talking about playback? Then, the answer would be: not yet. All the instrument in grand staff is still one “channel”, but the team has made it quite clear that in the future, every voice will have its playback channel or so.
As you can see, it’s quite important to be very clear when you ask a question :wink:

Thank you for the response , Indeed I mean playback XD

You have a good memory Marc :slight_smile:

Hopefully it will be implemented soon .