Dynamics for Piano

I’m stuck. Can’t find a hint in the manual.
Is there any option to place the dynamics for Piano (two systems) in the middle of the systems automatically?
Thx in advance!

The dynamics will be placed below the system in which you select something before you enter it. So the dynamics for the upper system will be between upper and lower system.

For dynamics below the lower system to appear above it you can select it and press F to flip it.

Thanks, derhannes!
I already know this workaround. But I want to achieve a placement »in the middle« automatically. I think that Dorico should know: »Thats piano/organ/…, the dynamics have to be placed centered.« With flipping etc. I still have to drag the dynamics to the middle manually cause they are placed automatically close to e.g the lower system. Means: as soon as I would change the size of systems or there is some engraving need, I have to start again to place them manually …

If you attach all of your dynamics to the top stave then Dorico will automatically centre them (excepting situations where a centred dynamic would cause a collision).
If you attach dynamics to the bottom stave and flip, you’re costing yourself extra work.

So this is what you want?

Derrek, that’s still only one system. If you’re going to be pedantic, at least get it right :wink:

I am trying to picture what Pepinello is after. Far from being pedantic, I am simply confused and hoped a picture would clarify. You are correct that I misinterpreted the Systems reference; but if each system contained a single piano, wouldn’t the dynamics automatically go in the middle of the grand staff (unless one were entering them on the lower staff of the piano part–guess that didn’t occur to me)?

Sorry. My assumption is that pepinello means “two staves”, rather than “two systems”. I may well be wrong.