Dynamics grouping


I think there’s something I just don’t get with dynamics grouping.

Look in this example : I have 4 dim. that are linked together and 4 mf also linked together. However, it is impossible to group them. I need first to unlink them and then I can group them. And after I have to link them manually again. Why? It seems sometimes to work without doing that and sometimes not.

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Your picture shows that the mf> dynamics are all both linked (vertically) and grouped (horizontally). You have one group selected (orange) and all the other blue ones are linked. I don’t understand your problem.

Hi, Janus, I think my screenshots show that the dynamics are linked but not grouped. And if I select them and group them, it doesn’t work. I have to unlink them first, then group them, then link them again.

I see as the OP described: dynamics linked :arrow_up_down:︎︎ but not grouped ↔︎, so the hairpins highlight blue when you select one, but not the mfs, and vice-versa. If they were grouped, they would all go blue when you select any one.

Without a sample file we can’t guess why this is going wrong. I went to the trouble of recreating dynamics like these, but I was unable to reproduce the problem. When I selected one of each and did Group Dynamics, it worked.

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If you can share the dorico file with a cutdown of the bars were this is occurring, it would be helpful to see what is happening.

Just to try: select/filter all dynamics, then ungroup them and then group them again. Does it work?

Ok I tried to find one case somewhere else because I fixed the other one.
I tried to group the >pp in my big project and it didn’t work. I made a copy and did a cutdown of the bars.

Then, suddenly, it works well the first time, but if you do cmd +z and try it again, it won’t. At least that’s what’s happening on my side. Since I began using Dorico, I found these dynamics properties very inconsistent, but I always told myself there was something I didn’t understand…

TEST.dorico (641.8 KB)

I can reproduce this using your project.

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In the state when the project is first opened, the hairpins on the Violin 1 and Viola staff are linked, and the pp dynamics on the Violin 1 and Viola staff are linked, but the hairpin and pp are not grouped. Once you select a pair of dynamics on either staff and group them, then you will end up with a single group (containing both dynamics) on each staff, and they will be linked.

When you undo this operation, and then repeat it, it does fail – the reason why is due to a subtle bug in the order in which the items are considered by Dorico after undo. It’s not immediately clear to me what the impact of changing this will be, so it will need further consideration.

For the time being, you will find that if the operation fails, unlinking the dynamics, then grouping them, and re-linking them, will work reliably.

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Thanks Daniel for confirming this bug!
Hope it will be fixed eventually

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