Dynamics horizontal alignment

I’ve been looking all over the program for an option to force dynamics to align horizontally but seems that option has not been implemented (yet?). Am I wrong?
Take a look at the attached screenshots. I know I can adjust everything manually but I have too many of these occurrences. Can Dorico handle this by itself at this moment or is that coming in a future release?
Screenshot 2016-12-01 17.39.47.png
Screenshot 2016-12-01 17.39.30.png

If you create the dynamics together in a single set of actions via the popover, then they will be created as a group and they will be aligned, but unfortunately the needed command to select a bunch of dynamics and group them has not yet been implemented. I am hopeful it will be done soon.

So, if I don’t know the whole line of dynamics up-front but put them in piece by piece, they will not be aligned properly?

At the moment, that’s right. Dynamics that abut (e.g. ppp) will always be aligned together, but if there is a gap of even a single beat between dynamics, they will end up in separate groups, and you can’t currently force them to be part of the same group. That’s the thing that is missing at the moment.

Oh, I see. Thanks for the explanation, Daniel! Hope it can be implemented soon.

Has horizontal alignment been added in the new update? I selected a series of dynamics and right-clicked, selecting “group,” but nothing happened. If the feature is not yet available, no worries; I just want to make sure that I’m not doing something wrong. Thanks!

No, I’m afraid this has not yet been implemented.