Dynamics in insert mode

I am spending a long time recovering from a problem that I am hoping is MINE, and not Dorico’s?

In insert mode, I deleted some extraneous beats and rests (a product of an xml import). The notes and lyrics all moved fine, but NONE of the dynamics did. I’ve been spending a long time manually moving them.

Is this the expected behavior in insert mode, or did I do something wrong? If I delete a beat, I want everything to move, not just the notes and words!

There are two types of attachments: they attach either to a rhythmic position, or to voice. By default, a dynamic will be attached to the rhythmic position, which is what you’re experiencing. To have the dynamics follow an actual note around, you’ll have to attach them to a voice, by hitting Alt+Enter when calling dynamics from the popup.

so, would there be a way to do this after the fact? i.e. convert all of the dynamics to attached-to-voice, rather than rhythmic position?

Hmm… I can’t think of a way, no.