Dynamics in text frames

Hello Dorico users
I like to put text boxes in the corner of my vocal scores to alert the singers to different dynamics, like this:
V.1. SATB mp
V.2. Soli f
V.3. SATB mf
And so on.
But I can’t find a way to get the Bravura dynamics text to display inside a text frame.
I have tried f and p simply as academico bold-italic. It looks pretty good, but they all have their tails cut off. Even if I go to Library > Paragraph Styles and increase the Leading, the tails are still cut off.
Any pointers?
Many thanks

The Insert Music Text/Symbol dialog should work? Just type in e.g. “mf” in the search, it comes up.


Dear Lillie
Many thanks indeed. That’s another newie to me.
Every day I learn a little more Dorico.

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Dear Dorico users
Further to the above, So I did what Lillie suggested and it worked fine yesterday. It worked fine this morning too, until half an hour ago. Then suddenly R-clicking no longer produced “Insert Music Symbol” but instead produced a dialog box like this:

I’ve tried it with the touchpad and two different mouses/mice. Can anyone give me any pointers why this is happening, please?

That’s the normal right-click pop-up menu, also known as contextual menu. You have to be ‘inside’ a text (i.e., actively editing, with a blinking cursor) to be able to insert special characters with right-click.


Thanks, Pjotr. That makes sense once you see it.