Dynamics inside tuplets

Hey there!
Here’s a tricky (?) question:
Is there any way to tell Dorico to place dynamics inside a tuplet when there’s enough space?
I’ve attached two examples with the original copy and Dorico’s approach.


Not really. You have to manually move stuff in Engrave mode.

Ok! Thanks again, pianoleo!
It would be great that Dorico knew that there is ‘white space’ and tried to move things accordingly.

Isn’t it fine if there still are some areas where proper skill is required? :wink:

Proper skill… you mean other than buying the right software and knowing a few dozen key commands by heart? How old-fashioned! :wink:

Dorico certainly does know that there’s white space, and I’m sure it could move things accordingly. As yet, users don’t have access to the Notation/Engraving rules that decide where dynamics should be placed, relative to tuplet brackets. The example posted is a perfect example of why one rule could never work - you wouldn’t want a dynamic within the much smaller, nested, tuplet brackets, I don’t think.

And you might prefer the mf outside the bracket…