Dynamics level change question (or request)

To set and change a Dynamic, the current procedure is this (in Write mode):

  1. select a note/multiple notes
  2. SHIFT-D and enter a dynamic level for it/them in the Popover
  4. play Flow and hear that the note/notes would ought to be one level lower or higher… p should be mp; or f should be mf, for instance, so…
  5. repeat steps 1, 2 and 3

Is there a way to increase or decrease dynamic level with a single keystroke?

If not could one be considered for a future release, please?

Even being able to do this from within the Dynamics Popover would make things quicker. Two keystrokes:

  1. SHIFT-D
  2. +’ or ‘-

Ideally, highlighting the Dynamic marking (or its associated note(s)… more ambiguous, I admit); then using, say, ‘+’ or ‘-’ so that selecting the dynamic ‘p’ and pressing just ‘+’ would change it to ‘mp’, ‘fff’ > ‘-’ = ‘ff’ etc?

Wouldn’t I be right that making such changes to dynamics on hearing a Flow or passage is something that we do many tens/dozens of times each session?


Would the Mixer work to reset your basic levels?

It should be possible to find a macro program to do this on Mac. I find that Dorico responds well to AutoHotKeys on Windows.These programs can condense the steps outlined above into one keystroke, so if a dynamic is selected and 5 on the numeric keyboard(for example) is pressed it immediately becomes f. 4 could be - mf, 6 - ff and so on. If the dynamic is linked to others, then they too are changed and if a note is selected then dynamics are be created below that note by pressing the same keys.

I’m afraid I do not know enough about Macs to suggest a particular macro program.

Thanks, Derrek - but what I find myself wanting to do all the time is adjust the indications of dynamics in the score as I hear it in Dorico. Such changes will always be carried over into any printed copy.


Thanks. It’s Keyboard Maestro - and, Yes, that handles macros extremely well.

Ideally, though, I’d like to be able to change dynamic markings in situ - inside Dorico itself - once the note(s) is/are selected :slight_smile:.

This is similar in nature to a request made by one of our beta testers not long ago, and hopefully we will be able to implement a quick way of changing the level of a dynamic via a keyboard shortcut at some point in the future.

Thanks, Daniel - always ‘on the case’. Much appreciated :slight_smile: