Dynamics mapping

Hi there,

I can’t find it in the manual and also not on internet, so maybe it’s not possible, but can the dynamics mapping in Cubase 9.5 be changed to increase by default in steps of 10% instead of the 20% it does now?
I now have to do this for every part in my orchestral scores one by one, which is obviously very time consuming. Saving and loading track presets didn’t do the trick, so either I’m doing something wrong, or this is not what track presets are meant for.
So, my question is how to change the default dynamics mapping to increase in steps of 10% and that this is a permanent change in the system, not only for the file I’m working on at that moment. When opening an empty document it needs to be 10% for every step by default from scratch.

That does do the trick.
Be sure to select your preset correctly when loading.

Besides, a menu for saving and loading presets in the Dynamics Mapping setup window itself would be very useful.

Okay, thanks for your reply. I will look into it again tomorrow, try to find out what I did wrong.