Dynamics missing after condensing

Can someone explain me why i’ve input some dynamics (p< etc) in an oboe part (just the first playing in those bars) and when i switch to page layout the same are missing?
I tried many times to rewrite the passage and also copy/paste from the bassoon which has the exact same thing (and the dynamics are there) but nothing changed.
Thanks in advance

If I know the developers right by now, in order for them to increase their chances of helping you, they would either prefer that you post a copy of your project here so that they can examine the file or that you in detail describe every step you took that caused the bug or both. :slight_smile:

Yes, please attach at least a cut-down part of the project that exhibits the problem, @gies.andreas, and we’ll be pleased to take a look and tell you what’s up. If dynamics are not appearing in condensed music, that would normally suggest a mismatch between the dynamics in the two (or more) instruments that are being condensed together.

The funny thing is that after i cut down my project the dynamics in the 1st oboe appeared also in engrave mode.
Why in the original file the problem persists?
btw i can’t upload the file because is still 13 mb…

Try Play > Playback Template, then set to Silence, then Apply and close.

Then save the file under a new name. Does that shrink the file size?

CUTDOWN.dorico (2.5 MB)
did it! thanks

I’m afraid I can’t see any difference between the dynamics in condensed and uncondensed views. The oboe and bassoon dynamics seem to match exactly.

Please upload a project that demonstrates the problem, or give instructions on how to reproduce the problem in the project you’ve already uploaded.

I am having this problem right now as well. File attached. It’s mm. 56–59. Screenshots also attached for Violin I. Screenshot 1: Write Mode, Galley view, divisi with two section players. Screenshot 2: Engrave Mode.

Screenshot 2022-07-29 at 18.21.04
SUMMER_MB_zj.dorico (3.4 MB)

Also, the “unis.” indication that normally appears automatically is missing in Violin I and Cello. Any idea why? I input a condensing change here and possibly missed a setting.

Seems to work OK here… both dynamics and unis. (engrave mode)

Well that’s good news! It doesn’t show up that way for me. In Engrave Mode, dynamics and “unis.” are missing for both Violin I & Cello. Perhaps I need to upgrade? I’m running Version (June 21, 2022). Or is there another reason that it’s displaying incorrectly for me?

Upgrade (it’s free)!

Wait. Just realized there’s a problem with your screenshot: it shows Violin I.1 & Violin I.2 on two lines. They should be condensed onto a single staff. What happens when you condense them?

(I can get the same results as you if i turn off condensing.)

condensing was switched on. I just opened your file.

thanks, Janus. could you try this file and show me what engrave mode spits out? (i’ve cut down the file to end just after the section in question.)
SUMMER_MB_zk_cutoff.dorico (996.1 KB)

I’ve managed a workaround that gets me the visual result I want. Under the hood it’s a mess though: extra condensing change and pasting in “unis.” as text objects.
SUMMER_MB_zm_cutoff.dorico (974.3 KB)
File with workaround is attached.