Dynamics missing after condensing

Can someone explain me why i’ve input some dynamics (p< etc) in an oboe part (just the first playing in those bars) and when i switch to page layout the same are missing?
I tried many times to rewrite the passage and also copy/paste from the bassoon which has the exact same thing (and the dynamics are there) but nothing changed.
Thanks in advance

If I know the developers right by now, in order for them to increase their chances of helping you, they would either prefer that you post a copy of your project here so that they can examine the file or that you in detail describe every step you took that caused the bug or both. :slight_smile:

Yes, please attach at least a cut-down part of the project that exhibits the problem, @gies.andreas, and we’ll be pleased to take a look and tell you what’s up. If dynamics are not appearing in condensed music, that would normally suggest a mismatch between the dynamics in the two (or more) instruments that are being condensed together.

The funny thing is that after i cut down my project the dynamics in the 1st oboe appeared also in engrave mode.
Why in the original file the problem persists?
btw i can’t upload the file because is still 13 mb…

Try Play > Playback Template, then set to Silence, then Apply and close.

Then save the file under a new name. Does that shrink the file size?

CUTDOWN.dorico (2.5 MB)
did it! thanks

I’m afraid I can’t see any difference between the dynamics in condensed and uncondensed views. The oboe and bassoon dynamics seem to match exactly.

Please upload a project that demonstrates the problem, or give instructions on how to reproduce the problem in the project you’ve already uploaded.