Dynamics mystery


please look at the attached file. There are three examples which look identical. But they aren’t! No. 1 has “normal” dynamics, No. 2 has dynamics attached to the upper voice and the dynamics of No. 3 are attached to the lower voice. I can see this, if I filter the bars for voices, but I couldn’t find a way to see this in any other way. Why not colour the dynamics in the colour of the voice, when I switch on vioce colours? Or at least have a read out in the status bar?
Dynamic_mystery.dorico.zip (631 KB)

I used to find this essential in Finale and I can imagine its being very useful in Dorico, as well. I wonder how difficult it would be to implement.

Layer Colours.png

Yes, we agree that it is difficult to work out what voice a dynamic is in, and we plan to improve this in a future version.