Dynamics not playing back

I’m hoping someone can help me here. I’m not great with VST instruments and have struggled somewhat to get used to the interface. But here goes:

I have a completed score which I have modified for demonstration purposes here. I believe that at some point in creating the arrangement, I had a Dorico crash, and I used the autosaved file to continue. Not sure if that is relevant or if I’m missing something basic here.

Do others have working Dynamics when you play this file? Possibly symptomatic is that the Mixer reveals Dorico is trying to play everything through one channel. I don’t know how to fix that. All I know is that when I started a new score and copied and pasted all the music across, the dynamics started working fine. If I can avoid re-engraving that new file, by fixing this old one, I’d be happier.

Thanks for any help!
Dynamics not working.dorico.zip (1.07 MB)

Somehow you lost your playback template settings. If you select Play>Playback Template and reapply the template you want to use, then you’ll get that working again.

Cool. Many thanks. Not sure how that happened. Much to learn about Play mode.