Dynamics not working


I opened a file created with Dorico 3.5 and add some new instruments after opening it with Dorico

The dynamics and playing techniques only work on instruments created with Dorico 4.1

The instruments created with Dorico 3.5 sounds very low and dynamics don’t affect the sound level on strings instruments.

I used to make let natural harmonics to those strings instruments but changed it to real notes now.
The dynamics on the piano created with Dorico 3.5 is working fine.

I noticed that in Play Mode,
“older” instruments Playing techniques are “Natural”
but new instruments Playing techniques are
"Natural, Note Lenght <=Medium

Another thing is that the shortcut S in the Key Editor doesn’t make the select tool available.
Need to do a right click or click on the Select tool icon.

Unfortunately you don’t give us enough information to go on here in order to help you. What playback template are you using? Have you made any manual adjustments to the sounds in your project? If you cut down your project to just a few bars, does this behaviour persist? If so, you could attach that cut-down version here.

Have you tried reapplying the default playback template via Play > Playback Template?

Thank you Daniel for your reply.

I’m using the default instrument of Dorico.
I don’t remember making manual adjustments to the sounds in my project.

I tried the Play menu > Reset playback override but it didn’t work.

I didn’t try reapplying the default playback template via Play> Playback Template
because I don’t know how to do it.

I “fixed” it by making new staff and copying the “old” one to the new staff and it works.

I attached a cut-down version:

No Dynamics and Playing techninques.dorico (2.4 MB)

Hi there, I’m not at my computer but this is how to reset the template:

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