Dynamics on Tied Notes (Still no answer...)

Hi all. I’ve searched the forum and can’t find anything that clarifies this issue.

When I want to add a dynamic within a tied note, I double click the bar (or “Enter” to get the caret and then arrow to where I want it to start), and then use the dynamic pop over to add a “cresc.” but when I press Enter, nothing appears. Any ideas why this is happening?

I want the dynamics in the Horn 2 line to match what appears in the Horn 1 part (I’m not copying and pasting in these videos just to show how difficult it is to create these dynamics from scratch). I know I can drag the dynamics after creation, but why isn’t there an easy way to make them just snap to the existing note durations within the tie?

Any ideas?

Gradual dynamics need to have duration, so when inputting gradual dynamics with the caret active, you then need to advance the popover by pressing Space to specify the duration of the gradual dynamics.

When you input a phrase containing multiple gradual dynamics with the caret active (like < ff >), each gradual dynamic in that phrase lasts for 1 quarter note.

PS your Horn 1 ties should be curving downwards, no? If you’ve done that for condensing, you shouldn’t need to – Dorico will sort out voices on condensed staves as needed.

PPS Assign yourself key commands for “duplicate to staff above/below” to make this sort of work even easier!


Thanks, Lillie. I’m not following your advice to “advance the popover by pressing Space to specify the duration of the gradual dynamics.” I just tried this and after typing “<” in the popover and pressing space several times, it still did not create a cresc.

This is an imported XML file, so for some reason it treated the Horn 1 part ties like that – I just fixed them by flipping gin Engrave mode.

@jrun , if you see the above suggested links/video you need to press enter, after typing “<” in the popover (and the popover disappears, but no worries), and then press Space one or several times* to give the hairpin the desired length (that you can also edit afterwards).

(*depending of the note length that is active/selected on the panel on the left, being the default a quarter note as Lillie pointed out)

I’d recommend resetting their appearance or deactivating the tie direction property, rather than flipping: as flipping can end up with an override set, which might not be helpful further down the road.

Ahhhh!!! Thank you – that wasn’t clear in the directions.

Lillie - I tried selecting those bars and applying “Reset Appearance” and it didn’t change anything. Is there another setting for this?

@jrun you can look at the properties panel: select the tie in Engrave mode and (if active) deactivate the override (switch off the blue switch) for the Tie properties (you may need to scroll the view to the right to see it):

Reset Appearance should work, I’ve just checked.

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