Dynamics padding issue in Dorico 4

Some dynamics markings are overlapping notes, etc in Dorico 4. I haven’t changed any default preferences as far as I can tell. Is there an automatic way to fix this or what settings should I be adjusting? Thanks!
Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 2.32.34 PM

You have too much on the page, hence dorico cannot avoid collisions. Even without the dynamics your staves are practically touching… You need to reduce your rastral size or make your pages bigger.

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There are two systems on the page. In the past if there was too much on a page, then Dorico would simply move the system to a new page. Sorry, my little image didn’t show that full story.

Dorico still does that. Have you inadvertently activated the casting off options to force two staves per page?

Where are those options?

Look at the page in Engrave mode (select vertical spacing) and check the % fill figure at the bottom right. If it is >100% the page is overfull.

If you mean the setting to force a certain number of systems on a page, no that is unchecked. So dorico should see there are overlaps and move the system to the next page, but it’s not doing that. In order to fix this I had to go in to engraving and move each staff in the stave to change widths, etc.

Yes, it’s over 100% (It’s at 120%) and is overfull, but Dorico isn’t moving the system automatically.

Then you have to have made a frame break and ticked the “wait until next frame break”. Dorico won’t overfill a frame like that unless it is made to. If you can, turn on signposts and share a screenshot of the whole page.

I very rarely do anything with frames or frame breaks, and I didn’t do any of those changes you mentioned. Here is a screenshot showing flags (note this is with the spacing edits that I did in engrave that I made after the issue in order to make it legible). Also note that the system breaks that you see I did after this issue started0-again to fix the spacing I’m dealing with.

This looks like another case where the collision avoidance requires so much more vertical space that it’s overfilling the frame. It’s a chicken/egg sort of problem with casting off. Daniel has explained this in detail elsewhere; I can try to find it if you want.

At first glance, I would move the unison markings to the left of the chords to get them out of the way of the sforzandos. (Then you’d still have to move the staves up manually.) But on second look, with the arpeggio markings, why is it necessary to write “uni.”? Are the strings coming from divisi in the previous bar?

the uni is just more clarification that the stop isn’t handled as a div. Regardless of whether that’s good practice, this doesn’t address why Dorico is not casting off the bottom system.

Is there a way to manually cast off a whole system to the next page?

In Engrave mode, select the last barline at the end of the first system and hit Shift+F (for Frame Break). That will move it manually.

But if you go into Layout options under Page size, just decrease the rastral size slightly (a couple of ticks is all it needs). You’ll find that the spacing works much better overall, with a barely noticeable reduction in size. Try it – you can always Undo.

The arpeggio mark is sufficient. No further clarification required.

Thanks for the tip!