Dynamics - per selection?

It appears that in the piano grand staff I can either add dynamics to per voice or to all voices. Adding dynamics per voice is a problem when one or more notes in that voice is crossing to stave above or below and is beamed together but I’d like to have a different dynamics for these stave crossing notes - which for the sake of beaming - resides in the same voice, it seems that the only way I can achieve this is by guiding these notes to a different voice yet by doing so I break the beam group.
Is there a way around this ? or must I go to the piano roll and manually set different velocity per note?

Thanks very much.

When tailoring the dynamics per-voice you can add more markings where needed and hide them.

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Thanks for your reply.
I had to accept the situation and solve this by designating velocity value for the left hand notes.
Being able to lay dynamics to a selected note - like we do in real life - would have been great.