Dynamics playback not working on Muted Trumpet


Apologies, I’m sure this has been asked before but I can’t find the thread.
I can’t get dynamics to play back on a trumpet part. I want a muted trumpet throughout and have changed tried all three muted trumpet options in Halion. None of them will play the dynamics marked. I tried reseting the playback template but that just changed the sound back to a natural trumpet.

I’ve attached the file here. Can anyone suggest a solution please?
It’s a start.zip (467 KB)

The problem is that when you change the sound in HALion Sonic SE, Dorico doesn’t get told about what you’ve changed, so it still thinks that the default HSO trumpet sound is loaded into that patch, and hence it’s trying to modify the dynamics using MIDI CC1, which is what the HSO sound requires. The Noisy Muted Trumpet sound you’ve chosen, on the other hand, is a velocity-controlled sound, so you need to open the Endpoint Setup dialog and change the ‘HSO Trumpet Solo’ expression map for the second channel back to ‘Default’, which will produce velocity-controlled dynamics.

Thanks Daniel, that has worked.