Dynamics playback oddity, what am I doing wrong?

I have a viola ensemble staff that I’ve divided into solo and gli altri. The solo viola’s dynamics playback is fine, but the ensemble dynamics seem to be respecting the dynamics of the second note played by the soloist. (Perhaps the first note as well, I’m not sure.) As you can hear, the soloist’s dynamics are abruptly replaced with the proper dynamics where the solo line’s dynamics notation ends.

I can’t figure out how I’ve screwed this up. Despite having the same port (1) and channel (5) assignments, both voices are playing on different VSTs, which should be fine. (The two dynamic lines don’t appear to be linked somehow, either.)

Can you cut down the project to just the affected bars and attach it here?

Are you using independent voice playback?

Heh, I was afraid you’d ask for that.
Took me a few minutes to excise it, but here ya go.