Dynamics Playback using Spitfire Orchestra


I’m using Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra to playback my score. Dynamics in SSO are controlled via CC1. I would like to know what do I need to do so dynamic markings in the score (ppp, pp, p, etc…) are played correctly.

Is there a way to connect dynamics in Dorico to CC1 data (to be sent to Kontak)?

It would also be useful to know if it’s possible to control other Continuous Control number. For instance, CC21 for vibrato. But this is not essential at this point.

The main issue right now is that dynamics are not playing back at all.

I appreciate your help.



Nothing to the dynamics markings. The playback needs to be setup properly…there is already an existing profile to send dynamics to CC1.

To expand upon Tyler’s answer a little, in the Endpoint Setup dialog, set the ‘Expression map’ column to ‘CC1 Dynamics’ for the instruments whose dynamics are controlled by the modulation controller. You will probably want to explore Expression Maps more generally in order to take greater advantage of the capabilities of your Spitfire sounds.

For CC1 the expression map you need is the ‘Modulation Wheel Dynamics’ one (there is another called CC11 dynamics, which is probably what Daniel was thinking of). Also in Play Mode, you can expand the lanes to create an automation controller lane. Set that to CC21 and you should have extra control.

Since the default HSO Xmaps are set to use CC1, it may be easier to duplicate and edit/rename those as needed, rather then complete the modwheel one from scratch :smiley:

Thank you for your help.
I’ve followed your recommendations and it’s working perfectly!