Dynamics popover

One thing that I cannot yet get my head around completely is the dynamics popover.
Sometimes when I try to edit an already entered dynamic, the dynamic changes to what I write, other times it is added as a new entry. What is the logic?

And entering suffixes or prefixes usually works well, but how come is a “mf con forza” changed into “sfz con”?

These are inconsistencies with the parsing engine used in the dynamics popover. What does work very well is to change a simple dynamic (pp instead of mf…) but you can also use a keyboard shortcut to increase or decrease the dynamics. Every time you write something with forz in it, it will resolve to sforzando, which is probably not what you want. I find entering prefixes and suffixes in the properties panel a more efficient workflow, as it always work as intended.
Those parsing mistakes also bite in the Tempo popover, and using the properties panel is also the solution there. My 2 c.


Thanks Marc. Yes that is true, I have been fighting a bit with the tempo popover as well…

I guess I would appreciate a setting like in figured bass – literal input rather than “too” interpreted. But that would probably raise new problems.


I think part of the difficulty might be that these popovers cater for both instantaneous and gradual effects.