Dynamics position

Hi there!
I have been trying to achieve a change in the position of the dynamics. By default Dorico does this:
Dynamic - default

And I would like it to look like this:
Dynamic - modified

I’ve modified some values in “Engraving Options/Dynamics/Relative to Barlines” but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.
Any idea how this can be modified?

Select the cresc. and change the barline interaction property.

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Jeez! So obvious! :roll_eyes:
Sorry for that.
Thanks Janus!

Also keep in mind the individual Properties in the lower zone are overrides for settings. So if you want all your hairpins that way (as I usually do), the preference is in Engraving Options.

(This is why the property has both an on-switch and a choice, because the option might be set either way in E.O.)