Dynamics separated by a dash

In a graphic score context I’d like to show a range of dynamics for one note with the marking ‘p - f’ or ‘pp - mp’ etc

if I enter this as is into the dyanmics popover then it doesn’t work. Instead you get the second dynamic marking of the pair.

Is there a particular way to get Dorico to accept punctuation like this without the workaround suggested here?


Hey Nick! That’s right, combined dynamics require the two dynamics to be different (i.e. a variation of p for one, a variation of f for the other).

I can’t remember off the top of my head whether the various dynamic glyphs are available this way, but I would guess this might be simpler to mock-up in Dorico 4 with the Insert Music Symbol/Text dialog, as you can add symbols and glyphs to text items much more easily.

ah thanks Lillie.

Sticking with the dynamics approach, is there a way to get a space either side of the dash when you enter p-f to get p - f under one note?

Not mega important I just think a dash without spaces looks a little clustered reading from afar. An en dash would also be nice, alternatively

No I don’t think so – in Engraving Options > Dynamics > Appearance you can choose between hyphen, colon, slash, and space for the separator, but there isn’t e.g. a free text field to enter anything else.