Dynamics that move in all parts when you try and move one


I’m trying to adjust individual dynamics in my string parts. Each of the string parts has the SAME dynamics, but when I try and move one ‘mf’ for instance, so that it is aligned correction with the hairpins around it, ALL the mf’s in the string parts move. When I click on one mf and it turns orange, all the other mf’s turn blue. The problem is that when all the mf’s move, lots of them end up badly aligned!

I can see the point of attaching all the mfs together in many situations - but is there a way to un-link them for situations like this?

Thanks in advance!


Right click the dynamic you want to remove from the group and choose Dynamics from the pop up menu. You’ll find various options for grouping and ungrouping dynamics.

You can get more details on dynamics at around 8:00 in this video:


and make sure you are in Write mode :wink:

THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you for this - I was wondering why the option was greyed out for me - in Engrave mode.