Dynamics unable to group in Divisi part

I searched the forums and have been unable to find anything on this.

I have a divisi part in Cornet III, that returns to tutti. Right after the tutti begins there are 2 dynamics, a ff> followed by a mf. When I try to group them to appear linearly, nothing happens. I am not sure if this is known or not, but I thought I would bring this to light, just in case.


In playing around with this some more, I also notice something I do not remember from before (but as this forum has brought to light, sometimes I remember things that never were).

In linked dynamics, I am also having some trouble grouping dynamics. It seems to be more of an issue when a divisi instrument is in the mix, but it doesn’t seem to be the only time the issue arises. In the same file, I tried grouping dynamics that were linked from Horn III to Horn IV, when I tried grouping them, Horn IV grouped nicely, but Horn III would not.


It’s not clear from the context of the picture whether those dynamics are all on separate divisi staves or whether some of those dynamics are divisi and others are tutti. You won’t be able to group dynamics that span a change from divisi to tutti or vice versa because those dynamics are actually on different staves.

If you can cut down your project to a few bars and only the relevant players to isolate the problem, I’d be happy to take a look. Delete all of the players other than the cornets and horns, delete all bars except for the ones containing the dynamics, then do Play > Playback Template to reapply the default playback template (this recreates the audio engine data and thus will reduce the file size significantly), then zip it up and attach it here.

Ok… I cannot explain what just happened. I messed around with this for 30 minutes last night, and it would not budge. The mf stayed out of alignment. Today as I am going to reduce the file down, I check to make sure I am getting the same result, and NOW it decides to work.

Maybe all I needed was a restart of Dorico. I am not sure. But I will keep my eyes open for this issue again, and if it arises I’ll attach the file.

Sorry if this wasted your time. I know it wasted mine.