Dynamics vary between full score and part

In one bar I’ve got a cresc. in the first half of the bar, followed by < in the second half. I’ve fixed it just fine in the full score, but in the part it shows as two < < hairpins, one of which is the full length of the bar, the other the second half. Sure, I can fix it, but is there some setting I’ve missed, that tells Dorico to do it the same way in both full score and part? Or have I got to go through the whole darn thing, checking and fixing? Sorry if this has been raised elsewhere; I really have looked but can’t find anything.

Manual alterations are not copied between Score and Parts. You need to use “Propagate Properties” to disseminate manual adjustments to other layouts.

Thanks (that was quick!). That seems a somewhat draconian decision on Dorico’s part - if I’ve gone to the trouble of showing a dynamic as cresc. < in the FS, why on earth wouldn’t I want it the same in the part; that should at least be the default assumption. Do you know, please, if there is a quick way to Propagate Properties from the whole of the FS throughout all parts, to save me going through the whole score bar by bar and instrument by instrument? (Searching ‘propagate properties’ in the help file doesn’t find anything.)

It’s OK - I’ve answered my own question (just select the whole score, and Propagate P - it appears to work, though leaves something to be desired in the formatting, as the cresc. and the < are not in line; but I can work with that).

The team has said that Propagate Properties is a temporary solution, and a better one is coming!

Thank goodness! :slight_smile:

Propagate Properties works differently in Write mode and in Engrave mode - it only propagates the properties available within each of those modes.

If you’ve set the dynamics to align in the score, you can always switch to Engrave mode, Propagate (or Propagate again), and the alignment will be propagated to the parts.

Ah - thanks. Done, sorted.