Dynamics vertical alignment option

When inputting dynamics for multiple instruments, is there an option to override dynamics starting at the entrance of the instrument?

I often need to represent the larger dynamic gesture of the ensemble to the player, and not looking for staggered dynamics. I can do this in engrave mode but with larger scores that is a lot to do.

While this may make sense in a score, it does not make sense in separate parts. IMO players will think this is a mistake and have to ask about it. The player expects to see the actual dynamics to be played. There are countless examples of such passages adding instruments as they go, marked with the appropriate starting dynamic levels on their first notes. Not everybody needs to be at the exact same level at the same time, depending on the power of the instrument.

If you really need e.g. the Violas to see that Violin I starts piano there, you could add a cue.

Thanks Mark, the examples above were just quick to explain, this concern is for large scores with many players.

In tango music (the only music I write and play), it is helpful in parts to understand the larger general dynamics because almost everything is group dynamic gesture. The contrary is often true: when the general dynamics are not represented in particular moments, the players think it is a mistake and ask for it. This is because the score is performed differently depending on context, that dynamic marking is useful information.

Cues are not what Iā€™m looking for, for a myriad of reasons.

I recognize that this is not the norm, but am just asking if there is way achieve this in Dorico without tweaking individual dynamics in engrave mode.

Okay ā€“ For this example, you can write just the Violin I dynamics, select them, and copy them downward with Alt-click. This makes it possible to apply dynamics on rests.

If you have a large number of destination staves, you can Copy the dynamics to the clipboard, select the starting beat in all those staves, and Paste.

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