Dynamics vs CC1 in Playing Techniques

I’m a Dorico newby. I see that I can draw in “dynamics” as well as CC1. I thought that dynamics = CC1. If so, why would I use one or the other? Sorry for such a basic question.

Different sound libraries use different MIDI controllers for dynamics (some use modulation, which traditionally of course used to produce a kind of vibrato effect, but for orchestral sounds these days is often used for volume because keyboards have a modulation wheel; others use CC11 expression; others still use CC7 volume).

The dynamics editor (which is not included in Dorico 4.0.31 but was in Dorico 3.5 and earlier versions and which will return to Dorico 4 in the next update) allows you to edit the effect that written dynamics in the score have on playback in a device-independent way, so Dorico can automatically translate those dynamics into the appropriate MIDI messages for whatever the current expression map says it should do.