Dynamics with condensing option

When I invoke the option “Hide rests and label active player” the dynamic marks for player 1 remain above the notes when player 2 is hidden. Is there any way to globally change this behavior?

No, there’s not. We discussed this a fair bit over the last little while and elected to leave the dynamics above because of cases where the second player comes back in soon, e.g. within a few beats, at which point it’s not very clear.

However, dynamics above the staff just look really odd to me when the second player is hidden… we don’t ever do that, do we?
To be honest with you, I’d love to see an option where you can actually change this globally. In these cases, I’ll always be dragging these dynamics down below the staff.

+1 for this option - pretty please? :slight_smile:

+1 for this option as well, please.

I found an interesting case of this that sounds a bit more like a bug. I have a system starting with a Flute 1 tenuto note. After 5 bars, there’s a system break, and in the new system (bar 6) flute 2 enters while 1 is still holding the note (tied from previous system). So, the entire first system only has Flute 1 playing.
Condensing still puts his dynamics above. What makes it look like a bug though is that if I go to Engrave, select those dynamics, enable and re-disable the placement override (just enable and disable again, no placement switch choice), dynamics are then moved below, and stay below with the override disabled.
Regardless of this, I think in a case like that, when a system has only one player playing, dynamics should probably default below staff.

EDIT: I should also add that at the moment, the biggest issue is that if we override these positions from Engrave, they will be reverted if you disable/enable condensing

If the first flute has a phrase that encompasses the whole of the first system and continues into the second, then the whole region up to and beyond the second flute’s entry will be considered a single region for the purposes of condensing, so the dynamics will be placed accordingly. You might consider inserting a condensing change, which will tell Dorico to split the region at that point.

Hi Daniel,
that’s what I tried and initially didn’t work, then I noticed this: I had a hairpin at the end of the first system grouped with a dynamic at the start of the second system.
Inserting the Condensing change at system 2 start, and just enabling the interested instrument group with no options as you suggest in the Version History article did not produce any results. However, un-grouping the two dynamics on the two “sides” of the condensing change made it work.
So, not sure if my reading of this is correct, but it would seem that if a Manual Condensing Change is inserted in the middle of a dynamics chain, that will not start a new phrase.
Hope this helps in similar scenarios!

I agree with the position of dynamics.
The position of dynamics above the stave is mainly when the instruments are playing together and having differite dynamics.
Even if they enter right after each other, usually the dynamics stay below the stave, only if there is a break for the second player, then it has a logic to have them above.
WOuld be nice to fix this in the next update, since it’s taking so much time to change all of them.
THe same with erasing background for dynamics in condensing layout.