Dynamics with underscores

I’m trying to gradual dynamics with underscore and can’t find it anywhere. Jus as in the image below. I guess it is possible as I’ve seen it in other questions, but I’m looking everywhere and can’t find how to do it!

I guess it’s an easy question for someone experimented!

Thanks in advance!


This is a crescendo with dashes for continuation.

Select the notes over which you’d like it to appear
Press shift-d for dynamics popover
Type cresc.
Press enter

In the info panel below (click the arrow at the bottom of the screen if it’s not showing) under “Gradual style” choose “cresc……”
Under continuation line style choose “dashed”
If you want to recreate this exactly you’ll need to adjust the continuation line gaps, which you can do in the same panel in “engrave” mode


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Another possibility is to set the Gradual style to cre-scen-do:

Note that there is a space in front of al in the Suffix.