Haven’t posted anything for awhile. Here’s a little instrumental tune. I originally started writing something for a video. Let’s see how the video audience will take it :slight_smile:


This is really interesting. Love how you play with odd meters. The melody is catchy to me; has a certain folk music sense? The drums against the guitar is a really nice rhythmic confusion that messes with the mind. Sounds like the beginning of something bigger that’s going to be wonderful.

Thanks Leon, I am glad that you listened to it a bit later as I did some corrective actions still yesterday (the main theme guitar parts were not correctly placed -maybe I had managed to move them at some stage).

I also felt that the main theme had some folk music impressions to it (maybe a bit Irish/Scottish). That’s why I added Logic bagpipes there too.

I think I’ll ditch the idea of using this as video background music. I think it turned out a bit difficult to listen to for this purpose. Have to try and make some more listener-friendly music for the video.

That lead guitar is WIDE! Very live sound, well played.

Thanks Chubs. The lead guitar in the main theme consists of three guitar parts (the main part in the center + two hard panned sides guitars + the bagpipes joining in after one full round of theme playing).

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