E=commerce website unusable

Tried to buy an upgrade yesterday, and again today, but failed on both occasions.

Will not accept my login details.

What is going on?

OK, I see the problam now:

Please note that your MySteinberg log-in details do not apply here. The Steinberg Online Shop and MySteinberg are managed separately and therefore require different log-in accounts.


So I want to buy an upgrade license. I don’t understand how this will work unless Steinberg’s licensing systems recognise i already have a license

What do I do?

As I recall, the elicenser will only accept an upgrade activation code if you have a valid code in it to upgrade.


Thanks, but I’m staying with Elements, so that is not an issue for me.

@PlutoC: You buy the license in the The Steinberg Online Shop, then you get an activation code - directly in the shop and also in an email. You download the software you bought, activate the license in your e-Licenser software (either with a USB-key or a soft-key) and you’re good to go.

You have an elicencer, even if it’s a software one.


Thanks, guys, upgrade purchased and seemingly successfully activated via eLicenser.

Still don’t understand why there have to be all these different logins; Steinberg really aren’t making it easy for themselves!