E-Drum Drum Maps--Is this Going to be a Pain in the Ass ??

Great! There are dozens of great drum kits sounds from which to choose within Cubase. But, Some of cubase kits will need to be remapped more than other kits–the trigger assignments between simmons sd9k and cubase its eratic and inconsistent .

Are we expected to create a map for EACH KIT in cubase? Am i missing something ??

How many maps are You guys using ?

Does this get easier with practice?

Sorry for sounding agitated and “pissy”, but , this drum map application is Not “creativity First” and lets be honest, its “piss” poorly done".

Maybe if you thought about it you could figure an easy way to do it. The attitude won’t win you friends.

I screwed up—Wrong time Wrong place to Vent About bad code or my issues

hey man* **** I APOLOGIZE**** ( I am human, and lost my cool-----have you ever done that too ? :wink:

Ever had to tangle with Drum maps Before and Link up your drum triggers to the appropriate samples ?

The drum triggers are dual -zone , there are potentially two samples to be linked to each drum pad or cymbal.

—Regards (in your studios)

Which VSTi’s are you refering to? HSSE uses 2 maps, GM which requires no map and the other Halion patches that use one different map. GA1 has different sounds on different pads from kit to kit so I’d never use a controller with it.

Have been using my drum triggers into GA1 , The tom 1 thru tom 4 assignments tend to become a little disorganized. There are triggers that send midi data into a black hole without any sample assigned to them on occasion. There are other types of discrepancies also , too numerous to list. I have the option of going to media bay and dragging clips in to fill the black holes. The GM kits are translating great though.

I have been going down the wrong path it seems, and became frustrated. I dont’ mean to sound like i am disregarding good advise, but is there on option to drag new sound clips into GA1 to correct things as needed? I’m assuming i can delete and create new pads in GA1. As far as the big picture goes, I want to have fun with it,…Another strategy might be to use the GM kits only, or yet another strategy to abort cubase drums VST’s and go to the E-drum sound module in order to save CPU power??

tried drum triggers into HSSE today for the first time (at your suggestion) which was entertaining and fun! Had never looked at the possibility of driving a sound module with drum triggers before—so it is blazing a new trail into different sonic and rythym textures. Thankyou for that suggestion!!! The GM kit translates nicely. will search for the other map you referred to, so thanks for pointing that out.

N8 — Thanks