E licence-which USB port?

Just found this page on steinberg which I thought was interesting

Good find but… Grim posted that link for us several posts back. :wink:

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A catch-up on this thread. Just to let you know that today I took delivery of the latest 4th generation USB E-licence dongle and wow what a difference! Its very much faster than my 2nd generation Licencer-well worth investing in and transferring the licences was so easy.

Thank you for the report. :wink:

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Hi, what do I do if my laptop has just one USB slot, and I’m using a USB soundcard but need to plug in the USB-eLicenser?

I’m running Cubase 9.5 Artist, I can start the program OK but as soon as I try to plug in my UR22 soundcard into the computer’s only USB slot, Cubase shuts down.

In that case unfortunately you have only two options, either use a hub or use a different laptop with more than one USB port.

Powered USB Hub

Use a hub, or buy a better suited computer.
Steinberg are working on something, but you obviously can’t wait for that.
A usb hub can work, if you plan to use any power hungry devices with it, it better be an active hub ( with its own power supply)