E Licence

I want to backup all my old songs from old xp pc running Cubase 4 & Cubase LE5.
This works on LE5 only now as main dongle now on Cubase 8.52 pc.

I have my Windows 7 Cubase 8.52 e licence dongle which I will need to access Cubase 4 songs.

If I update the e licence software on the xp pc so the Windows 7 e licence dongle works.

Will this stop Cubase LE5 from running with my xp dongle & LE5 licence.

Have been putting this off as Still want the old xp pc to run LE5.
Mike001 :question:

SHould be fine…just be aware that latest elicenser will not work at all on XP.
You need to use the elicenser control centre from the “Downloads for older operating systems” that is clearly labelled “Last installer to support Windows XP and Vista”