E Licencer Control Center Not Showing Up

E Licencer Control Center the texts do not appear , I read ı need english windows but I use home basic so I cant change my language. Wtf How did you have that issue ? I never see such an error.

Hi and welcome,

What system do you use (Windows 10?)? You don’t have to use English system.

Make sure your graphic cards supports all, Steinberg asks for. And make sure your graphics card driver is up-to-date.

Sorry for the inconvenience – there is a bug in the eLicenser Control software that prevents proper language detection on Windows systems with system language set to either “Turkish” or “Azeri”/“Azerbaijani”.

Please open the “Region and Language” Control Panel, then change the “Format” to something different than “Turkish” or “Azeri”/“Azerbaijani”: