e-Licencer control centre - do i need it?

New owner of Cubase Artist 8 here and I’ve been through the registration process for the program during installation (first run) and the e-licencer via the web site. The site is inviting me to download an e-licencer control program.

What would I need this e-licencer control program for or can i forget about it for now?

The on-line e-licencer registration process gave a me a number (which I’ve now forgotten/lost) - was this important?

Do I need to keep the dongle inserted to a USB socket at all times or can I just put it away with the CD’s and forget about it until I want to re-install on a new machine?


Hi and welcome,

Yes, you ned the eLicenser Control Center application. This is dedicated software, which holds and the licenses. License could be stored on the USB-eLicenser (USB dongle), like Cubase Artist or Cubase Pro has, or on the hard drive (Soft-eLicenser), like Cubase Elements, AI and LE.

The most important number is Activation Code. This is the code, you need to for activation your Cubase, and download the license to the USB-eLicenser. But this code, you can find in your MySteinberg account.

Yes, when Cubase is running, the USB-eLicenser has to be plugged-in to the computer. Cubase will “ask” for the license many times during its running.