e-licencer epic fail

My MBR got corrupted. I have had to reinstall my windows 7 OS and all the software. Including Cubase Elements. I knew it was going to be a nightmare, because installing Cubase was a nightmare even the first time. I now have not unexpected situation of the e-licencer telling me that my Cubase Elements has already been registered and authorised - which, of course it has - and now I cannot authorise for use on the same machine that it was installed on before the MBR corruption.

I do get software licensing, I really do, but for crying out loud Steinberg, your system is so staggeringly frustrating it needs to be binned and started again from scratch.

In the meantime, does anyone know how in heaven’s name I can get my well earned cash spent on this Steinberg product to mean something again? How can can I get the reinstallation to authorise? Yes I have searched ‘license’ ‘licence’ ‘e-licencer’ and ‘e-licenser’ and come up blank. I have also bought some adds ons, and I bet I can’t get them to authorise either.

I need a drink. This is the most frustrating software ever.

You need to use the re-authorize link in your My Steinberg account.

Every time I get creative, stuff like this happens. Tools get in the way.

I finally said enough was enough about a year ago and bought a 5.25 inch bay, removable SSD tray (six removable trays) from Icy Dock. I then bought two, identical Samsung SSDs and a copy of Paragon Drive Copy.

Once I got my DAW / Cubase all set up (it took weeks), I did an image backup on the spare SSD.

I now keep a dated change log of everything that changes since my last backup.

Every plugin update, etc.

I let it go about a month, until the change log becomes something I wouldn’t want to reproduce and then do another drive image and clear the change log.

That kinda crap will never happen to me again. Or, if it does (if the backup gets corrupted, etc.), then the universe wanted it that way.

It’s a really good system. The Paragon copy will do the 128GB SSD to SSD image in under 5 minutes.

To test it, you just pop the tray out, pop the backup in slot one and reboot.

Bonus: I can now freely upgrade Cubase (or whatever) to new versions and have full rollback functionality, if needed.

If you really want to be bullet-proof, buy two motherboards when they’re on sale (two of the exact same model), as this is the only thing, that when swapped, would force a reinstall of Windows. Keep (or use) the spare. Use the spare in a build that would be less of a pain to reinstall Windows on (unlike a DAW).

Anyway, hope things are well.

I’ll try to do that, but I have serious trouble getting in to My Steinberg. Every single time I have to reset the password, and every single time I go back the new password is not accepted. The password is accepted for this forum, but not for My Steinberg. I am truly tearing my hair out with this company.

LATER: I managed to reactivate Elements, so big thanks Gump for that - I would never have found that without your help. Even so it took a while to figure out what had to be done, not even slightly obvious.

Now I have another issue. My MBR error happened before I had backed up my download of the Dubstep VST Sound Loop Set. I can’t find any way of downloading it again, and I can’t put a support request in because it is not an activated product (another Steinberg infinite loop of unhelpfulness).

Any ideas?

LATER STILL: I found the download link in the Ask.net invoice. And had to use yet another different password to get in.

I’m not sure I have the mental energy left to try to run Cubase for the time being: I honestly expect even more problems if I try :frowning: