E licencer nightmare

Hi. I’m writing on behalf of my daughter. I bought her Steinberg UR22C to use with Logic on MacBook Air. It worked fine to begin with but on day 2 or 3 there was no getting past this “E licence Control - Error, Application “REV-X AU” has caused the following error… no valid licence for this application …” message. I’ve opened e licencer control centre countless times and done the online registration and according to the control centre everything is up to date and registered but still always the same problem. I spent half a day on this some weeks ago and now again. She is loosing interest in the whole thing. I don’t understand why we need constant approval from Steinberg when the only intension is using a piece of hardware we bought with a software (it claims to support) we bought somewhere else. If somebody from Steinberg reads this. Please fix this. If someone on the forum can help, it would be highly appreciated. Thanks. Styrmir

It simply sounds like you haven’t activated the license that allows using the AU plugins that come with the UR22C. The hardware itself needs no license to use, of course.

If you don’t need the AU plugins you can simply delete them.

See Where are third-party Audio Units plug-ins installed on Mac? - Apple Support

Hi! First, thank you for your purchase!
Indeed, I have had a look at yur MySteinberg account and it shows an empty Soft-eLicenser only.
With the UR22C you should have received a Download Access Code for Cubase AI and an activation code for the Basic FX Suite. The latter is important to fix this error. Please open the eLicenser Control Center and enter the activation code to activate the license. Once a valid license is available, Logic should start with no error and you can use the plug-ins. If you don’t care, Steve’s method should also work :wink:

Hi and thank you both. I deleted the plugins and it seems to work now. From what I’ve seen on the internet this is a trap that many fall into and it’s not particularly easy to find the solution. It’s quite discouraging for beginners. There was never an intention to use the hardware with Cubase and no need for creating this kind of hurdle when it is supposed to be plug and play. But …nevertheless. Thank you both! S

At the risk of elongating the conversation, I just wanted to say that the licenses are not specific to Cubase. They are for several plugins that can be used in any daw, which duplicate the hardware based DSP effects.

The hardware effects are available to use without a license.

One purpose of doing it this way is to be able to use the same reverb, compression and EQ settings for the mixdown, as were used for monitoring while the musician was recording their tracks.

Welcome to the world of plugins and eLicensors…
Like already said above, this issue has nothing to do with Cubase or your UR22C hardware.
It’s only if you want to use the optional fx plugin that came with it.

Many plugins from many vendors (even some free ones!) use those nagging licensing tools that are usually definitely NOT user-friendly!

OK it’s needed to avoid piracy… but (I agree with you on this!) the process could be less cryptic.

You circumvented the issue by removing this plugin, but be prepared to meet this issue eventually when you’ll download more plugins.

My advise: The plugins already built-in Logic should be plenty for months or years ahead, despite what marketing hype will try to make you believe so you buy more. :wink:

At least that’s what I told myself for a while… :grin: :upside_down_face:
I’ll confess having now hundreds of plugins, and using 10% of these. (have my lesson)

The good news is : this hour-long licensing process will go down to 5-minutes once you broke the ice, and you’ll get accustomed to decrypt error messages before they streamline the process.

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Hi there,
I have faced almost similar issue. I first time activated Cubase AI on a MacBook pro, and everything worked perfectly I was able to open Cubase Ai… I also intended to activate the Cubase Ai on a Windows10 Lenovo. An error occurred saying that the activation code has been already used. I asked for a second activation code, which came through email. I used it to try to activate Cubase AI on windows10. It says that the activation was successfully, but afterwards when I tried to open again Cubase AI I was asked again for an activation code. Now I don’t know what to do, asking again for a third new activation code, or what? Please help!

Ok, I sorted out half of the problem. The second activation code provided to me was for Basic Suite FX, not for Cubase Ai. Now, how do I request a new activation code for Cubase please?