Is there anything that is still reliant on the E-Licencer.

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I would check here, for more infos…

I have still this depending on elicenser :

  • Cello 1 (Imagesounds),
  • Dubstep - VST Sound Loop Set,
  • Urban - VST Sound Loop Set,
  • Indie Rock - VST Sound Loop Set,
  • Basic FX Suite Rev.2


I’m pretty certain that someone from Steinberg has said in the forums that the loop sets will migrate to Steinberg Licensing over the coming months.

The item that is most requested on Steinberg Licensing now is Basic FX Suite (and for those who have the more advanced Steinberg audio interfaces, Advanced FX Suite). Unfortunately, I do not recall seeing any sort of commitment for when those licences mill migrate to Steinberg Licensing.

I’m fortunate to be eLicenser-free now - the last item I was waiting to migrate was VST Connect Pro 5.

Perhaps the most challenging will be products that have been suspended for sale whilst their future is considered (the RND Portico plugins), have been discontinued for some time (such as Virtual Guitarist), or are obsolete versions of third-party software that used eLicenser. I hope there might be a solution for the RND Portico plugins, but I suspect the licences for the long-discontinued products and for obsolete versions of third-party software will remain on eLicenser forever.

The best way ahead for those who have licences that will remain on eLicenser forever will be moving those licences to a USB eLicenser before the licensing servers disappear - though I suspect that we are still some years away from the servers disappearing. Anyone thinking that they might have useful licences stuck on eLicenser forever should buy a USB eLicenser now if they don’t already have one, as Steinberg has said the USB eLicenser will be discontinued.