E-license - All activations disappeared????

Ok, this has been a problem for a while now where I’ve been getting random issues with e-license on start up of Nuendo - both 8 and 10. I’ve been follow Fredo’s advice and using the control center to do “maintenance” - and it’s only worked intermittently, errors keep occurring. Now I’m starting a mix with clients present and all of a sudden ALL of my licenses have just vanished!

Guys! You need to fix this entire system. What the hell is going on?

I don’t have the activation code of N8 so I can’t use the code of the N10 upgrade…

OMG - Ok, shut down and moved the dongle to another USB port and it all came back??? Guys, I stand by it, you gotta fix this stuff. The expectation is that it will work in a professional environment.

I have often problems with eLicensers not finding a few things they need to start Nuendo, Cubase Pro etc. That happens on two different Macs. I do the Maintenance Dance often and it helps for a work day but problems reoccur sooner or later. There is no pattern I could see. In the same USB hubs iLoks work without any problems for years - I have many iLoks and eLIcensers and can compare quite well. In the past iLoks could cause problems and eLicensers were extremely stable. Now it is the other way round. Please make it stable again.

Sounds like a hardware problem to me

This came to mind.

See my last post in this thread - there’s a version of the Elicenser app which fixes these errors.